The Academy Difference

The Academy Difference
The Academy Difference 2018-01-17T08:25:52+00:00

Career Academies increase the engagement of high school students and provide a way for those beyond the walls of the school to enhance students’ educational experiences.

NAF Academies succeed with the investment of schools, students, businesses, and community leaders who believe young people deserve a high return on their education.

Those who choose involvement with a NAF Academy:

  • care about the quality of education and opportunities available to young people;
  • seek a meaningful connection with future generations of professionals; and
  • recognize that a high school diploma is not enough to assure a young person’s success in college or in the workplace.

Schools, communities, and businesses can do more to help young people excel. All reap the rewards that come with fidelity to the Career Academy National Standards of Practice and the NAF Academy model.

Schools benefit from partnerships with local businesses, community leaders, and NAF. Educators and administrators access ongoing support from NAF and opportunities for professional development as they implement NAF curriculum, engage and sustain an Advisory Board, and secure internships for students. Many have used the NAF Academy model as a vehicle for whole-school reform by restructuring schools around career themes.

Businesses and Advisory Board Members benefit from enhanced relationships throughout the community. As internship providers, mentors, and volunteers, business leaders enjoy the chance to nurture the workforce of tomorrow, cultivate employee engagement, and increase workforce diversity.

Students benefit when academic achievement leads to opportunities for professional experience and financial well-being. The structure and rigor of an Academy education inspires self-discipline and prepares students to handle the demands of higher education and employment. Students refine their competitive edge through job shadowing, student conferences, college credit, and public speaking opportunities.

Communities benefit when youth are engaged and motivated to reach their potential as respected members of society. Communities involved in the NAF Academy model are prepared to offer young people meaningful opportunities to assert their leadership ability and intelligence in professional settings as high-achieving students, motivated employees, and role models.