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Where does the money come from?

The DAF is funded by grants and contributions from corporations, financial institution, foundations or other entities that desire to support the work of the foundation and advance its mission of supporting the Dallas ISD high schools implementation of the Academy model.

What is the District’s actual involvement with the Foundation?

The governing Advisory Council (Board) of the DAF is comprised of business leaders, leaders of youth orientated organizations, Dallas high school administrators, teachers and representatives of the Dallas ISD Career Education Department who administer the District’s relationship with the National Academy Foundation.

In its function as the support group for implementation of the Academy model in Dallas ISD, the DAF will raise and expend funds to support program activities in the high schools. The Dallas ISD staff in partnership with the business leaders on the Advisory Council will manage the finances of the corporation and expend funds authorized the corporation. This includes the expenditure of funds under a dual signature authority granted by the Advisory Council to a business leader and a District Staff person as defined in Article VIII and IX of the attached by-laws of the corporation.