Advisory Board Membership

Advisory Board Membership
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Are you a graduate from a Dallas area high school that now hosts a NAF Academy? Looking for a way to give back by serving the needs of current high school students? Maybe you own a business in the area and just want to give back to the community through supporting the education of youth. These are all examples of the reason you may want to support the DAF.

We invite you to join the school Advisory Board of the school of your choice. We need your help and experrise by providing support assistance, training and resources for the following essential functions (partial list):

  • Assisting in the recruitment of additional Advisory Board members by sponsoring and presenting at a variety of venues and events (Chamber meetings, professional association meetings, school site meetings (recruitment breakfasts, luncheons, etc..)
  • Providing professional expertise to support Academy Advisory Boards ability to offer curriculum support with periodic reviews and updates, review and contribution of collateral material, sponsoring field trips, creating and participating in student conferences and classroom participation.
  • Promoting the Advisory Board’s ability to help in student recruitment by meeting with and addressing student candidates and parents, providing promotional material at school events and advocating on behalf of the Academy in business and social activities throughout the community.
  • Coordinating the collective needs of the Advisory Board’s and DAF Advisory Council’s efforts to secures paid internships for eligible Academy students, and encourages other community businesses to provide paid internships for all other eligible Academy students (a goal of 100% of eligible students placed in paid internship positions after the completion of their junior year in high school.)
  • Providing access to professional development and technical assistance for teachers.
  • Providing industry familiarization tours for teachers and career exploration tours for students.
  • Providing mentoring and shadowing opportunities for students and professional training opportunities and externships for teachers.
  • Assisting in budget development for the Academy by participating in an annual Strategic
  • Planning meeting, typically held in August or early September.
  • Providing at guidance in meeting fundraising needs to support Academy activities and scholarships, and encourages other community businesses to provide funding for all other Academy activities and scholarships (developing fundraising target for the Advisory Council and meeting needs not otherwise provided by the Council, District, State or Federal funding).
  • Assists in promotional and public relations activities for the Academy Theme.
    Serves as an advocate for the Academy to educational, political, civic and business communities.
  • Encourages employers to support the Academy efforts company-wide and facilitates the relationship between the Academy and its partner-employers.
  • Assists schools in developing ongoing measurement processes that provide data to support fundraising and business recruitment efforts and track student progress including but not limited to:
    – Student alumni tracking, past and present
    – Student participation in Academy activities
    – Class graduation rates
    – Recognition of Advisory Board members and their contributions to the program