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NAF academies depend on Advisory Board members for a wide array of resources, time, expertise, and support.

But who is there for Advisory Board members in need of resources, guidance, and support?

Advisory Board members can count on NAF.

  • Do you struggle to build and retain an effective NAF academy Advisory Board?
  • Do you have more students than paid, professional internships to go around?
  • Are fellow Advisory Board members unclear about their roles and responsibilities?
  • Does the NAF Academy Team of corporate and municipal stakeholders struggle to collaborate effectively and get things done for your Academy?

NAF has accumulated 27 years of experience supporting NAF academy teams and all stakeholders as they strive to comply with the NAF academy model by providing worthwhile educational and career opportunities to high school students.

Rely on NAF to provide tools, materials, guidance, and peer support as you address challenges that arise within your team of partners.

Look to NAF as well for support as you confront larger social issues, such as public education reform, the cost of higher education, and social and economic inequities that put many students at risk of failure.

Share problems and find solutions with the Advisory Board Support mechanisms available through the NAF Collaboration Network.

NAF welcomes your input and leadership as well as we build frameworks of support for local NAF Academy Advisory Boards across the country.