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Who is the Dallas Academy Foundation?

The Dallas Academy Foundation (DAF) is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation under the IRS code and chartered in Texas as the vehicle through which Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD), teachers and administrator join in partnership with Dallas business leaders to do the work of transforming high school education.

We implement the proven National Academy Foundation (“NAF”) career academy model. The DAF is funded by public support, grants and contributions from corporations, financial institution, foundations or other entities that desire to support the work of the foundation and advance its mission of supporting the transformation of Dallas ISD high schools and their ability to better prepare our youth for college and careers.

DAF’s Mission:

The mission of the Dallas Academy Foundation, Inc. (“DAF”) is to build and sustain a network of career academies within the Dallas ISD to support the development of Dallas’ youth toward personal and professional success in high school, in higher education, and throughout their work careers. We carry out this mission through a partnership of Dallas corporate and business and industry leaders who partner with the Dallas ISD Career Education & Workforce Partnership Department of Dallas Independent School District. This partnership works to support the growth and development of Academy themed high school programs that prepare youth for college and careers in the industry of their choice.

Dallas Academy Foundation Governance:

The governing Advisory Council (Board) of the DAF is comprised of committed business leaders, leaders of youth orientated organizations, Dallas high school administrators, teachers and representatives of the Dallas ISD Career Education Department who administer the District’s relationship with the National Academy Foundation.

In its function as the Advisory Council for the program, DAF provides support for implementation of the Academy model in Dallas ISD. The DAF recruits and develops human capital and financial resources. We expend these resources to support program activities in the high schools where the Academies are located. The Dallas ISD staff, in partnership with the business leaders on the Advisory Council manage the programs and resources of the corporation.

Using the National Academy Foundation (“NAF”) model, the DAF is committed to supporting the development of curricula, the integration of work-based learning experiences including paid internships, and the proactive involvement of business Advisory Boards to support the work of high school educators in fulfillment of this mission. Consistent with the NAF model, DAF places overarching emphasis on connecting students with adults, and classrooms with the “real world,” thereby supporting the “new three Rs” in education: Rigor, Relevance and Relationships.